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In shoppers and employees tracking projects, the key to success is data consistency and accuracy. The primary technologies to track people are Video and Vision Analytics, Thermal Imaging, Infrared Beams, Wi-Fi, BLE Beacons, RFID and 3D Spatial Learning (Augmented Reality).

Detection & Tracking of Moving Objects

The technology to track people requires three protocols: detection of objects, recognition of the object as a person, and tracking the object across distance and time. Detection of Object What’s Detection? It means we detected an object in a specific location. The location can vary in size from an object in a zone to a […]

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Sensors or Devices in Retail Stores

To optimize physical stores, we need tracking data. In evaluating people tracking solutions, we  learn the differences between competing and complementing technologies. There are three categories to compare. (Static Location) Sensors The first category is sensors. These include video, thermal, and time of flight. The key point about sensors is that they cover a specific […]

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5 Steps to Data Accuracy

Accuracy is the single most important attribute in data. Many retailers and solution providers rely of on a simplified Accuracy Rate. But with the advent of the variety of tracking technologies, we need to design a better way. Here are the 5 steps to Good Enough Accuracy: Step 1: Start with the Business Purpose Accuracy […]

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12 Technologies to Track People

What Are Technologies to Track People? To track people, the technologies quantify customers and staff activities in Physical Store. They measure STAY TIME in a LOCATION. Common tracking technologies include Video, WiFi and Beacons. With People Tracking, we do Location Marketing, Location Analytics, Product Positioning, and In-Store Customer’s Journey. Why Care About Tracking People Ask […]

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