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InStore Analytics is #1 priority for retailers in 2018. In physical retail, InStore Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process to increase the rate from browsers to buyers. We don’t like “Conversion”. Reduce prices and you will convert more visitors. We spotlight strategy and best practices of In-Store Optimization. We focus on Customer Engagement, Retailer’s Calls to Action, and Friction Points to optimize the store for profit.

InStore Time Metrics

9 InStore Time Metrics to Master

What Are InStore Time Metrics? Here’s a secret in Location Analytics. You cannot optimize the physical store without Time Metrics! Retailers often use Time-Based metrics in evaluating payroll costs. With the emergence of People Tracking Technologies, our attention turned to customer engagement. Time Metrics have value beyond Video Analytics, WiFi Tracking, and other technologies. As […]

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4 Queue Management Solutions

Ask a retailer to choose between a mobile point-of-sale or queue sensor and the likely answer is mobile. The reason is simple. A mobile device is a tool that speeds and adds convenience to the checkout. A queue management system is passive. It measures, monitors, and predicts queue behaviors. Amazon Go tries to do it […]

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Abandon Behaviors

4 Ways to Identify Abandon Behaviors

How would you like to know the number of people who had entered your store and then left, exhibiting abandon behaviors? Abandoning in the context of retail analytics means to leave the store due to the local environment, in most cases due to a long or slow moving queues. There are four core abandon behaviors: […]

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