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InStore Analytics is #1 priority for retailers in 2018. In physical retail, InStore Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process to increase the rate from browsers to buyers. We don’t like “Conversion”. Reduce prices and you will convert more visitors. We spotlight strategy and best practices of In-Store Optimization. We focus on Customer Engagement, Retailer’s Calls to Action, and Friction Points to optimize the store for profit.

InStore Optimization

InStore Optimization: 8 Projects for Physical Retail

InStore Optimization projects quantify customers and staff activities. We focus on specific points in the Customer’s Journey. Here are some examples: InStore Purchase Points The decision to purchase is not done in the checkout. People made the purchase decision inside the store. And we call it the “Purchase Point”. In apparel, for example, many purchase […]

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InStore Conversions

Calls To Action in Physical Stores

Calls To Action (CTA) are well defined concepts in the digital world. Not so in Physical Stores. Too many retailers don’t measure even the KPI of Sales Conversion. Regardless, Calls to Action do exist in stores. That’s because Conversion measures an outcome. In Optimization, we differentiate between the elements of Engagement (what customers do) and […]

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Analytics of Customer Journey in Physical Stores

Customer Engagement: Analytics of Customer Journey in Physical Stores

How do you quantify Customer Engagement in Physical Stores? In Marketing, the analytics of Customer Engagement are well-known. Successful online marketers mastered the metrics of the Customer’s Journey. In Optimization of Physical Stores, we measure Customer Engagement by capturing behaviors. In social media, we can quantify emotions based on facial recognition. We paint customer sentiments […]

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3 Puzzles of In-Store Vs. Online Retail Analytics

Ask what is the biggest challenge in retail today, and the common answer is analytics. In particular, the big challenge is how to create end-to-end customer analytics.  To overcome this, we need to be more precise in what we are searching for. When we look at the differences between online and in-store customer experience, we […]

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