Sensors or Devices in Retail Stores

To optimize physical stores, we need tracking data. In evaluating people tracking solutions, we  learn the differences between competing and complementing technologies. There are three categories to compare. (Static Location) Sensors The first category is sensors. These include video, thermal, and time of flight. The key point about sensors is that they cover a specific […]

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3 Puzzles of In-Store Vs. Online Retail Analytics

Ask what is the biggest challenge in retail today, and the common answer is analytics. In particular, the big challenge is how to create end-to-end customer analytics.  To overcome this, we need to be more precise in what we are searching for. When we look at the differences between online and in-store customer experience, we […]

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InStore Time Metrics

9 InStore Time Metrics to Master

What Are InStore Time Metrics? Here’s a secret in Location Analytics. You cannot optimize the physical store without Time Metrics! Retailers often use Time-Based metrics in evaluating payroll costs. With the emergence of People Tracking Technologies, our attention turned to customer engagement. Time Metrics have value beyond Video Analytics, WiFi Tracking, and other technologies. As […]

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4 Queue Management Solutions

Ask a retailer to choose between a mobile point-of-sale or queue sensor and the likely answer is mobile. The reason is simple. A mobile device is a tool that speeds and adds convenience to the checkout. A queue management system is passive. It measures, monitors, and predicts queue behaviors. Amazon Go tries to do it […]

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5 Steps to Data Accuracy

Accuracy is the single most important attribute in data. Many retailers and solution providers rely of on a simplified Accuracy Rate. But with the advent of the variety of tracking technologies, we need to design a better way. Here are the 5 steps to Good Enough Accuracy: Step 1: Start with the Business Purpose Accuracy […]

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